Monday, April 14, 2008

Breaking news: Earthquake

We had a great weekend. Baldwin's came to visit and attend the blessing of Margot. The weather was so nice. Jeff got the Corvette out and took Grace and Grant for rides. Grant never confessed how fast Grandpa drove the car.
So the breaking news about the earthquake. I was awakened this morning at about 4:30 by a trembling house. I wondered if it was a dream and lay there a few minutes worrying when it happened again. This time the cat jumped up and looked around. The windows rattled and it was loud. I jumped out of bed and looked out the window. Nothing, no sign of anything. I woke Jeff up and told him we had just had a couple of earthquakes, turned on the news. No mention of it. Finally I got up to go for my 6 am walk. I opened the front door and discovered my "earthquake". All of the snow on the roof had crashed to the ground. There was a lot of snow still on our roof. It made my front steps not passable. There is one huge chunk standing upright. You can see it pulled the heat cable off also. So I lost a couple of hours of sleep for a snow slide. You will laugh at this. I even got up and laid some clothes near the bed in case a bigger quake came along and we would have to run out in the night. HAHAHAHA!

Yesterday afternoon we went for a ride on a sunny day. The view of the Tetons was so nice.

The picture above is the neighbors across the street, they have a south facing yard. The one below is ours. Looks like a different state rather than across the street. He is mowing his lawn and I need to snow blow mine. Notice the big block of ice sculpture from my roof snow slide. Still some snow left on the garage. I won't let that fool me tonight if it slides off.
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MZB said...

Beautiful picture of the Temple. Glad no one was under that snow fall

Berta said...

That's really funny! I thought while reading your post, "I'd better run to the TV and see what's going on with the earth quake - we slept right through it!" . . . haha! Great pics!

Leslie said...

mom-that's so funny. and so like you to be prepared for the next one with a pile of clothes. the pic of the tetons is so great, where did you take it from?

Mary Z said...

I took the Tetons pic when we were driving through Sugar City area. And I sheepishly put my clothes away when I got up.

Beth said...

Always something going on in your life. (even if you have to use your imagination) That was probably pretty scary for you. I can't believe all the snow. Springtime always keeps us guessing on what's next.