Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Buenos Aires another day

These are the Doctors who helped us during the first course.
Jeff as you know carries his GPS and marks all the sites on it. We just came out of a famous place Cafe Tortoni, so if you ever go to Buenos Aires he can give you the coordinates.

One night 6 months ago I was watching the Travel Channel and saw a thing on the best fast food places in the world. They did a piece on the most luxurious fast food place in the world. It was in Buenos Aires. I decided that I would need to see it. So last night I drug the team to find it. I did find it. Believe it or not this is a Burger King. It is an old Presidential Home. Beautiful ceilings. It was fun to see. Too bad it is ruined by orange and yellow plastic chairs. We were amazed. Nobody else seems to know about it. You have to go up two flights of stairs to see this. I nearly missed it because when you enter the building it is like any other old Burger King. Cool huh?!?
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Leslie said...

What The??? I can't believe they would ruin such a beautiful building by putting a Burger King in it! Amazing!

Beth A said...

Burger King of all the fast food places, it's got to be "the worst". Does the food taste any better in the beautiful surroundings? You're so lucky to have the opportunities you have to see the good and bad our world has to offer.

barbchuck said...

I agree with Leslie. There must be something more relevant they could house in such beautiful surroundings. I can't believe the plastic chairs!