Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

No pictures today.
We went to Church this morning and were called out because Jeff's dad, Charles was pretty sick. We took him to the Hospital and discovered he needed his gallbladder out. So we ran home for a few minutes and returned to wait while he was in the OR.
On the way down to the hospital we turned the corner near our house and saw a couple of police cars with their lights on. We thought there must have been a little accident so kept driving. I noticed a man walking down the middle of the road a little erratically. We were nearly up to him and I realized that he was packing a big gun. I said Jeff, back up fast, which he did. (I did think about grabbing the camera for a picture and then realized this was not a good time to do that). By now police were coming and surrounding him. Still not sure what it was all about. We took another route. It was a scary site. Jeff said,"maybe he was out hunting squirrels". Yea right!

Oh and Jeff's dad did well in surgery.

Question for you all. I have been getting spam comments nearly everyday now that I have to delete. Anyone know what is going on?


Berta said...

Oh man! Was that near the temple? Time for the 'wackos' to crawl out of the woodwork! I'll have Bob look into it tomorrow - he knows 3/4 of the police force! That would have been a 'sweet' shot - you would have won the grand-prize AND a HOT CHOCOLATE! Glad Jeff's dad is okay - that's not a fun surgery.

LZ said...

the spam is from the blog gods. punishing you for your negative comments about Big Sky!

Mary Z said...

Great Berta. See if you can sleuth it out on the gun incident.

SUSAN said...

I think Chuck and Barb are getting spam comments too. I think it's weird!

I don't think risking your life for a good picture would have been necessary. I have a pretty good mental picture if a guy stumbling down a snowy Rexburg road with a gun in his hand. That is scary, but made for a great story!!!

SUSAN said...

To help your spam problem you can go into settings/ comments and add "word verification". Supposably that should help. I just added it to mine, I haven't had the problem yet, but I figured it can't hurt!

Beth said...

Your stories never cease to amaze me. Glad to hear Jeff's dad is doing better.