Monday, February 18, 2008

Andy is a loser!

Ok I just have to be the first to tell you all. Andy had his first wellness check up today. He lost 7 pounds in two weeks. He lost 9 pounds of fat and gained two of muscle. Lynne also had a successful visit. Her goal is not to lose weight but change her body mass to lean muscle. Congrats to them for choosing a healthy life style. Everyone at the office is joining in. So far everyone is doing well. Not only are we losing weight but changing our compositions and lowering blood pressure and other out of wack values. Jeff and I weigh in this week also. ( We did not follow it perfectly so will not have as good of results as Andy, however we have repented and will do better this week).Will pass the news on when we get it. Remember that weight loss is part of it but the main goal is to change from fat to lean so the scale is not the most important number. I have been lifting weights everyday and working on the elliptical machine. It does not take long to get hooked on exercise. I cannot wait for the roads to clear of ice and be safe to walk on again.
Good job Andy & Lynne


Berta said...

Wow! That's awesome. Can ANYONE come? I need you, I need you in the worst way! Can you feel my pain ! ? ! Are you lifting at home or at the gym. Give us a little more info on this wellness program. Congrats to all - that's a great accomplishment.

Leslie said...

Andy is the "biggest" loser apparently.

Way to go!

SUSAN said...

Way to go you guys! That's awesome!!!