Sunday, October 21, 2007

NRT team and Josh Grobin in Peru

Well we made it safely to Peru last night about midnight. The flight out of Idaho Falls was a Lagoon type flight but ok. We met up with our group in Salt Lake. We are going to have a great time. We have already bonded thanks to Katie Money who is a Nurse Practioner. Apparently she has a thing for Josh Grobin and her friend made her a "flat Josh", to bring on the adventure, complete with changes of facial expressions. So we will show some of the trip from Josh's perspective.
As I mentioned earlier we are stuck in the Hotel due to a country census. Nobody is allowed out of their homes today. But we managed to have some fun walking around the parking lot at the airport. The porters are all idle as there are no passengers. We joined them sitting on their luggage carts.
We will be well rested as we walk across the street in about an hour for our flight tonight to Chiclayo which is about an hour flight north on the coast. We will join the rest of the team and Humanitarian Missionaries the Nelsons who we love. We are excited to teach the courses here. We love the group we are traveling with, this will be a great experience.

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Leslie said...

Always glad to hear you made it safe. Keep us updated.

rachel said...

oh man, i thought had a REAL josh groban experience. well, safe travels. we pray for you every day.

RobynE said...

Keep up the good work. Don't worry about a thing here. I'm going to do my detective work and find out why your garage door was open is in the open position off and on yesterday and today. I'll just check on things if that's o.k. Take care.

Mary Z said...

Thanks for checking Robyne. Maybe the cats had a party.

barbchuck said...

We're glad you arrived safely and are anxious to hear about your adventures. I always enjoy the people pictures.

sudhanshu said...

Good work...keep it up.
Good pictures to describe how much you enjoyed.
I always enjoy the people picture.

sudhanshu sharma

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