Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fire works in October?

Not sure why but they are shooting off huge fireworks on campus. I ran to get my wonderful new camera, but alas I left it at the office. So sad. My little one was here but just is not the same. Still kind of pretty even if a little blurry.
Update, we got our luggage back last night. The end of the saga. New one starts next week as we head to Peru on the 20th.
Today was one of the most beautiful golden days I have ever seen. The fall colors in Rexburg are the prettiest I have ever seen.
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Beth said...

Thanks for the fireworks! Luv ya.

When will you ever have time so I can see you?

barbchuck said...

Hope you have better luck on your trip to south america!

MZB said...

Cool picture!

SUSAN said...

There's another cool shot of the temple. You probably have enough to do a whole calendar. Or better yet, a whole book!