Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What I saw today in Peru

We saw lots of donkeys along the way. We were on the bus trip for about 7 hours over winding mountain roads. Saw lots of gorgeous scenery.
The mountain views were never ending.
Stopped at a place where a man makes the most fantastic ceramic plates and things. We all went crazy. He took us in his shop where he grinds the rock to make the clay. All done by him. He paints them also with hand made brushes.
People are so much more relaxed than us. Sitting by the road.
The prettiest park we have ever seen. Took tons of pictures.
Mary, Katie and Kristie soaking in the sun.
Jeff & Mary by the reservoir.
Jeff taking a break from the bus and his motion sickness. Below is part of the group we are traveling with.

Street scene along the way. Flat Josh is below. Remember he is the little figure of Josh Grobin traveling with us.
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rachel said...

WHO are those skinny people?!!

LZ said...

Daddy, looking good.

Leslie said...

great photos. it's no wonder why people there take time out to sit along side the road, they are not totally consumed with computers and nonsense like we are....

did you get me a plate?

Berta said...

Ohhhhh, Leslie is right . . .we should have sent some $$$ with you - those plates are AMAZING. The little park is stunning - love those pink blossoms.

I can't help but covet their water supply . . . since our reservoir is only 2% full as we speak! Bring some home!

Be safe! Love your pics!

rachel said...

me too, me too on the plates!

RobynE said...

What amazing art work. I would love to support the efforts of this guy. Maybe the next time you go, I could send $, but I also realize the space issue. Thanks for sharing the photos of your travels.

Deppe's Eh? said...

Take care of Flat Josh for us...tee hee :) Have fun and be safe!
Katie's friend Lara

barbchuck said...

I, too, love the plates . . . and the gorgeous bouganvillia. Thanks for sharing.