Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Summer time is a wonderful time.

Our missionary friends from Argentina stopped by to say hi. Robin and Bill are such great people. 

 The Blue Angels flew into Idaho Falls and put on a great show. I just love watching them. 
 I did a little hike up Teton Canyon with Kathy and Brenda. The flowers were so gorgeous. It was a beautiful hike with fun friends. 

 Lunch was by the creek. 

RZR ride to Heise

We have not been out as much on our RZR. We did make it up one evening for pizza and friends. 

 It was a pretty dusty ride but loads of fun. 

Front yard and back yard

This is our annual burning of the tree trimmings. This year was another really big burn pile. 

 I love when the Lilies of the Valley flowers bloom. 

Girls Camp 2017

Girls camp was so fun. We camped at West Piney Camp up by Swan Valley. Weather was perfect and it was a great camp. My phone got hijacked by these girls obviously.
 Our camp site had the most beautiful view of a meadow filled with flowers. 
 I caught them all asleep. 

 We met as a Stake every morning an evening. The girls also gathered around the camp fire as a ward in the evenings. 
 Bishop Madsen and his wife Jennifer. 

 Someone hung the funniest posters in the bathrooms. 

 I had to run to town to buy something and make a phone call. Look at this amazing car I saw. Too bad I did not have a check book with me. Tiffany blue Porsche.

 We did a beautiful hike up to the Teton Village Tram. Good news is that we got to ride it back down. 

 There were no cell phones allowed but they could text message each other on paper and put them I these holders. 
 Adult leaders
 Young Women
 Junior leaders