Sunday, August 27, 2017

Anniversary # 28 and baptisms

We took a little trip to Sun Valley for our anniversary. It was a beautiful two days. 

 On to Eagle for Jakes birthday and baptism. His big brother Christian was able to baptize him. 

 It was Eagle Days so we sw the fire works. Non stop fun this summer. 
Charley was baptized also this summer. We had a quick trip to Salt Lake City to be there for this baptism. 

Summer memories

The summer has been a very good one. It has been extra warm and lots of storms. 

 Hiking the R Mountain with all of these cute girls. They were getting ready to hike at girls camp. 

 Very interesting clouds. 

Girls trip to California

Rachel, Leslie and the girls met up with me in San Francisco. We had a really fun time. The weather was good. The food was good. however my phone was broken so I could not take many pictures. 

 Our room was awesome. We stayed at the Argonaught Hotel on the wharf. 
 Following San Francisco we drove to my Dad's house. It was a long drive. The traffic is crazy. 
 After a couple of years of severe drought the reservoir was full of water. They had a lot of rain this spring. Everywhere in the west did. 
 It was very hot. We were not able to get out and do much but we still had a really fun time. 

Ana's graduation

Our trip to California for Ana's graduation had us staying in Hermosa Beach. 
 I loved all of the succulents along the strand. 

 I took my hand made doll to Ana. She always loved her and called her Sweetie Pie.

 Photo bombers. 

 We visited the Peterson Car Museum. There are so many cool cars there. Here is the Thelma and Louise car from the movie. 

 Fluffy got to go with us. She loved the beach. 

Jenny's Lake hike in June

A beautiful hike around Jenny's Lake. The snow is just barely gone. 

 The snow was gone from the trails but not by too far. We could see snow just past the trails. 

 Brenda, Laura, Jan and Sheralee were the other hikers.