Sunday, June 17, 2012

Rexburg Airshow Gone Bad

Friday night I was out working in the yard. I stopped frequently to watch the planes overhead doing their stunts for a private group. The next day they were having the annual air show in Rexburg. Jeff was doing a delivery so I kept working. When he came home we decided to ride out to the airport and watch the planes. It was a beautiful evening. When we got out on the taxi way we went over to the ambulance crew to watch with them as Jeff is the Paramedic/Fire Department Medical Director. It was a perfect spot to watch from. We were amazed at the death defying stunts they were doing. Then this little red stunt plane came rolling his plane down from the sky. He seemed to be coming too close to the ground and I thought he looked like he was out of control. Guess he was because suddenly he crashed into the ground on the golf course. We all were stunned. Jeff said to the paramedics "we better get out there". We ran and climbed over the chain link fence which was a stunt in itself. You should see my bruises. 
Here are pictures of the plane coming down. 
Parts of the airplane were scattered a long distance. I picked one up and it was so light, it was like a cardboard or fabric. 
The pilot was out of the plane when we got to him. He said he was OK but his ankle hurt. He insisted on not getting in the ambulance. He finally did to be checked out. He again said he would got to the ER but not in the ambulance so Jeff and I led his car up to the Hospital. He was a a lucky guy. It was pretty traumatic to watch a plane crash. Watching the crash it looked like he should have had much worse injuries if not killed. 

I had my baggy yard work clothes on when we went for our ride. I think that you should not do that if you are headed out in  public. You never know what cameras will be around. 

Friday, June 08, 2012

Quick trip to Lima Peru

We did a fast trip to Lima to introduce Helping Babies Breathe to a group of Doctors. Saturday morning we flew down and Monday morning we met at the Church Offices in Lima. Jeff did an introduction and overview to the course. 

One of our neighbors made hats to take and donate. 
That afternoon we met with US AID at the US Embassy. We would like to have support from all entities in the HBB endeavor so that everyone is working together.
On Tuesday we met with PAHO which is the Pan American Health Organization. They agreed to work together. We will return in September to do a training. Dr. Jaimie Joo and his wife Georgina are long time friends in Peru. We have done a lot of training with them. They are the mainstays of the program in Peru. They do a lot of Humanitarian projects in their country. 

After a couple of days of meetings we were on our own so we decided to see some things that we have not had time to in the past. We went to the old downtown Lima. San Francisco Church has a lot of cool things in it. We took a tour of it. 

The ceiling above is all wood work and very beautiful. The library is full of old old books, some of them are handwritten. If you look close you can see the spiral staircases to the upper level of books. 
The real attraction here are the catacombs underneath the Church. There are up to 75,000 people buried here. It was the first cemetery in Lima but now is under the Church. There are tunnels you walk own into to see the catacombs. They took all of the skeletons and put the different bones into different piles. There are some deep round pits that have following stacks of bones. 

We drove around and had fun seeing sights of Lima. We drove by a glassy window and I shot this picture of us. I had Jeff wave. That is me with the camera. 
Jeff and our driver had a lively conversation. 

I love the colors and old doors and windows around Lima. 
There is a great museum we got to see. It is the Larco Museum. They had a resident Peruvian Hairless dog. He liked Jeff. 

The gardens here were so beautiful. So many vibrant colors. 

The museum had a lot of fun Peruvian things in it. These skulls were from people who had brain surgery done on them. It is believed that they survived the surgery. 

We caught the Hairless dog up to no good. 

Jeff pointed out that all the beautiful flowers had a little white flower inside of them. 

 Wednesday we a had a day all to ourselves. We stayed an extra day in case we had to do more meetings. So it was like a mini vacation. We slept in and took it easy. For lunch we found this fun little Italian place. It was very good. Right across the street was a pyramid. So we walked over and toured it. It was a dirt hill that they discovered was really a pyramid. They are slowly reconstructing it. 

 You can see the pile of hand made bricks that have been falling down and the newly placed bricks. They dig them up and put them back in proper order. 

 This pot was smashed in a ceremony. They smashed them and then they were integrated into the new walls and floors of buildings being built (anciently). It took 40 people a year to reconstruct the pot in the little museum. 
I took this picture from a moving taxi. It is an olive tree in a large olive tree grove. I have recently been interested in olive trees, olive oil and presses. We just went to the Mideast a month ago and I am reading books on the history there. I have learned how important olive trees and olive oil is in history. I was very fascinated with the fact that these trees were up to 1500 years old in Lima. History is similar no matter how far you go back in the world. I think I will do a future post on olive trees and olive oil.