Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beautiful Kauai

 Every year in Kauai we make the trip to the Allerton Gardens. They are really beautiful, a hidden gem near our condo. Many TV shows and movies have been filmed here. 
 This year we had a great guide. Our favorite. He told Jeff he liked his Einstein t-shirt. He was a knowledgeable and entertaining guide. 
 There is a lily pad pond. Tons of cute not so little frogs and toads. 
 Our guide told us we would see this area of golden bamboo in the new Johnny Depp pirates movie. Can't wait. 
 Our annual photo taken in the trees that hid the dinosaur eggs in Jurassic Park. 
 I also love this little hide away. There is a room with a bench under this flowering canopy. I love it under there. 
 This year we went to a luau. There was a lot of beautiful things here. These trees are not painted. Notice Jeff wearing his collection of beads. 
 The little town of Hannapepe has this swinging bridge. It really gets swaying. 

 The sign above me says no diving. Jeff did not like me even pretending to jump off of it. 
 In Hawaii they eat of all things Spam. I do not get it. Mystery meat would be a better name for it. This is taken at McDonald's. Spam at McDonald's????? Creepy. 
We drove up to Waimea to see the view. This is all we saw. Lots of vog. They call it vog instead of fog. Whatever it was it was thick and not going away. This is the third year we have not been able to see the view. Guess we will have to go back and try again. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Having fun in Kauai

 Time has slowed way down for us here in Kauai. People here know how to hang loose. However it will pass by too quickly. We will soon be back in wintry Idaho. 
 Whales are ever present. They have not let us down. 
 Valentines Day!
 Mary and Beth share some fun times. 

 The Na Pali coast is always beautiful. It is kind of foggy/hazy here this trip. 
 Snorkel man getting ready to see some fishes. 
 Ignore me and check out the man to the left. Not sure why Jeff took his picture with me but it is funny. Check out his facial expression. 
 Beth and I found these cute hats. Oh and don't you love our Hilo Hattie necklaces? 

Monday, February 14, 2011

How to remodel your house.

 Twenty years in our house and we are ready to update. It has been a couple of weeks of major mess. Here is the office. 
 The family room is a big empty room now. We decided to put in hard wood floors. The whole thing has me a bit stressed. Lots of dust, noise, men coming and going, decisions, expenses, upheaval, can't find anything messes. 
 Hard to cook or eat in a kitchen piled high with all the stuff moved out of the family room. Good exercise however climbing over the piles. The back door is blocked also and requires serious climbing over things.  
 So we escaped the project and flew to "chicken island". Kauai is still owned by chickens. As you can see they are not about to dwindle away. 
 Can you find the cell phone tower? I think it should be a law that they look like this everywhere. 
Check out the "man pit". Look at all these happy men grilling away. Look close and you can see Jeff focusing on the salmon. I asked what the discussion is like down in the pit but it is a big secret. I took a nap in a hammock today. It was glorious. Perfect. Restful. Garden of Edenish. Helped me forget the mess back homeish.