Sunday, October 28, 2007

Children of Peru

I just love these pictures. I am doing a couple of posts with these kids in them. These girls were ready to perform. Unfortunately we could not watch their dances as we were supposed to be at an orphanage which will be my next post.
I did not realize until getting this post ready that the little guy on the end is missing his arm. We saw a little girl at the orphanage also missing her arm.
What can I say about these two faces?
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Children of Cajamarca Peru

Here is a slide show of some pictures taken yesterday in Cajamarca Peru. We accidentally ran into a childrens parade and dance festival. They were dressed in the traditional clothing of the different states of Peru. It was so fun. My legs are still sore today from squatting down to get their adorable faces in the camera.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Last day of NRTcourse

Peruvian lady with child. Fun to see them out on the streets everywhere. Love their hats.
Here is our group again in Cajamarca. We will be done in a couple of hours. Last night we went on a tour of the city. It is very pretty in a high mountain valley. We saw a place that was an ancient burial place. They put the skeletons in "windows". We had to hike a ways in our Sunday clothes. Apparently someone got hit by lightening a couple of hours before we got there and died. We had a little incident at the ATM machine also. Jeff and the girls stopped to get cash while the rest of us waited in the van. A group of young men surrounded them. It got kind of tense, I think they were up to no good. The other men in our van got out to make a show of strength and Jeff moved in front of the girls and looked as big as he could. All ended safely but we all got a little scare.
Jeff and Mary in front of some of the burial windows.
Jeff buying a fossil from a young Peruvian girl. Below is our hotel.
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What do you think?

So here are our Zorro costumes. What do you think? Should we embellish them? We get home Sunday and have a party Monday. Had fun looking at everyone's pictures so had to share ours. One year we went as Fred & Wilma Flintstone. No pictures that I am aware of. It was the best as Jeff is the perfect Fred Flintstone. Now I will post a Peru update.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ceramic plates

Since everyone is fascinated with the plates, here are some more pictures. I am on the floor crushing the rock just as he does to make the clay. It shows where he sits on the floor with his wheel and paintbrushes. We are not sure if we can get you all plates as getting them home may be a problem. We will consider it however. They are the prettiest I have ever seen. Every single one unique. We are teaching today. Will send more pictures of the course tonight.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What I saw today in Peru

We saw lots of donkeys along the way. We were on the bus trip for about 7 hours over winding mountain roads. Saw lots of gorgeous scenery.
The mountain views were never ending.
Stopped at a place where a man makes the most fantastic ceramic plates and things. We all went crazy. He took us in his shop where he grinds the rock to make the clay. All done by him. He paints them also with hand made brushes.
People are so much more relaxed than us. Sitting by the road.
The prettiest park we have ever seen. Took tons of pictures.
Mary, Katie and Kristie soaking in the sun.
Jeff & Mary by the reservoir.
Jeff taking a break from the bus and his motion sickness. Below is part of the group we are traveling with.

Street scene along the way. Flat Josh is below. Remember he is the little figure of Josh Grobin traveling with us.
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All is well in Peru

Sorry no posts. We are headed to Cajamarca. Have had internet problems. Good post tonight. Love ya all.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

NRT team and Josh Grobin in Peru

Well we made it safely to Peru last night about midnight. The flight out of Idaho Falls was a Lagoon type flight but ok. We met up with our group in Salt Lake. We are going to have a great time. We have already bonded thanks to Katie Money who is a Nurse Practioner. Apparently she has a thing for Josh Grobin and her friend made her a "flat Josh", to bring on the adventure, complete with changes of facial expressions. So we will show some of the trip from Josh's perspective.
As I mentioned earlier we are stuck in the Hotel due to a country census. Nobody is allowed out of their homes today. But we managed to have some fun walking around the parking lot at the airport. The porters are all idle as there are no passengers. We joined them sitting on their luggage carts.
We will be well rested as we walk across the street in about an hour for our flight tonight to Chiclayo which is about an hour flight north on the coast. We will join the rest of the team and Humanitarian Missionaries the Nelsons who we love. We are excited to teach the courses here. We love the group we are traveling with, this will be a great experience.

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Off to Peru

OK we are packed and ready to go. We leave for Peru early in the morning. Looks like a stormy day for flying. FUN! Will check in from Lima, we get there tomorrow (Saturday) night at midnite. We will be staying at the airport Hotel until Sunday night as no body is allowed out all day Sunday while they do a census. So do not think we are site seeing and eating at fancy places. Will send an update Sunday. Love to all...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lighting up the Rexburg Temple

Check out Ava and her buddy.
Tonight they turned on all the lights at the Rexburg Temple. It is really beautiful. The first picture is from my front door. I think that there will still be more lights on the front. They are pretty much finished inside and now will start to furnish it and get it ready to open. The open house is the end of December through January. We will be happy to house any one who wants to come up and see it. They expect 200,000 people to tour it. They asked Jeff and I to help with Medical services during the open house. We find out more tomorrow.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

A beautiful Sunday afternoon

We have had a nice Sunday. Chili and cornbread for dinner. It is very pretty outside and the colors continue to get prettier this year. I cut a few flowers this morning to put in the vase. I am amazed that they are still alive. I made the pumpkin cream cheese pie shown in the picture. You serve it with hot fudge sauce on top and whipped cream. I am headed out for a long walk in a minute to make up for it. Perfect evening for a walk.

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Ordinary Miracles

Stressful day saved by Ordinary Miracles

Today was a rather stressful day for me. We are into the construction project pretty heavy now. I am the everything person on it. I do love it but today I decided to take on Rexburg City Hall. The cost of the permit and the process to get it was getting out of control. I talked to a couple of City Council people and other builders. So I headed down to get an explanation of why things are the way they are. I wanted a full accounting of the costs and where the money would be spent. I explained we are very stressed by their process and prices. They gave answers to all of my questions. I still disagree with the costs and the time it takes to get the permit. However I walked away with my permit. So on Wednesday we will go to the City Council meeting and tell them what we think. I came home tonight with my head overwhelmed and Berta had posted this song. I love it and so am posting it also. It helped to calm me down. Anyone remember when I was a shy girl. Where did she go?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fire works in October?

Not sure why but they are shooting off huge fireworks on campus. I ran to get my wonderful new camera, but alas I left it at the office. So sad. My little one was here but just is not the same. Still kind of pretty even if a little blurry.
Update, we got our luggage back last night. The end of the saga. New one starts next week as we head to Peru on the 20th.
Today was one of the most beautiful golden days I have ever seen. The fall colors in Rexburg are the prettiest I have ever seen.
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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Travel tales

It was nice to see Chicago in the rear view mirror. The heat was unbearable. The Chicago Marathon was about to take place and consumed the city. 45,000 runners to run in the race. We talked to lots of the participants and they were nervous about how hot and humid it was going to be. (Update on marathon: they had to stop it mid race due to the excess heat and number of runners down with heat stroke). We had a great time but the timing to leave was good.
So I would like to share what all happened to us while traveling on this trip. It took us 25 hours to get home from Chicago. WOW!

  • Tuesday morning we left our house at 6 am for the relatively short flight to Chicago.

  • Minneapolis airport closed...waited hours to take off from Idaho Falls

  • Circle over Minneapolis airport due to heavy rain
  • Land in heavy rain

  • Flight to Chicago was cancelled

  • Wait hours for the next flight. Very rough flight to Chicago

  • Luggage trapped in overhead bin...took 1/2 hour for service men to get it out

  • Saturday afternoon started return trip to Idaho, left Chicago in record heat wave

  • Fly to Minneapolis

  • Flight to Idaho Falls cancelled just when we were ready to board

  • Northwest Airline told us they would not get us our luggage, they would not provide a Hotel room, no meal voucher, no little toiletry kits (this was at 10 pm) Another passenger told us that her coworkers call Northwest...Northworst.

  • Up at 5:30 am to head back to airport. No breakfast is available this early

  • No reservations had been made by Northwest on Delta (told us they had) Not sure where our luggage our is. Delta cannot find out where they put it.

  • Fly to Salt Lake City (they no longer feed you on flights)

  • Barely make it to Idaho Falls flight, no time to eat yet (we did get a bag of peanuts that have maybe 10 peanuts.

  • Confusion on plane as to how many passengers should be on board. Wait 45 minutes while they try to resolve this issue. Pilot announces that the Circus act is over and we will now be able to depart.

  • Arrive in Idaho Falls 25 hours after leaving Chicago. No luggage arrived.
  • Takes one hour to file missing luggage reports. Nobody is helpful and not sure where the luggage is.

  • Luggage never did make it back to us yet. So sad. Jeff's new clothes in it.

So we left record breaking heat to arrive in serious snow. We were saddened to see the major damage to the trees in Rexburg. The snow was so heavy and the leaves still on the trees caused them to break off due to weight. It looks like a tornado went through town.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Oops we did it again!

So you must be wondering what we did again? Well yes we had another fabulous Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. Surely our cholesterol soared after this pizza pie. It was delicious. We think we have settled on Lou Manatis as the best of the best but any of them are to die for. It was sweltering in Chicago today. 90's with 100% humidity. Unheard of this late in the year. We had a quick flight to Minneapolis and then a three hour layover. Unfortunately this is where the oops comes in. THEY CANCELLED OUR FLIGHT!!!! Yes we are stuck in Minneapolis for the night. That is us homeless on the airport bench. They do not give you a room anymore. No food on the planes either. So we got a room at the Courtyard Marriott which is right across the street from the Mall of America. I can see it out the window. But it isn't open this late at night. That is hard for me as I really love a good Mall. For you former Minnesotans, I think this Hotel may be built nearly where we used to live. Very very close if not on the spot. We went under the freeway that we used to run across to sneak into the Minnesota Twins stadium every game. Those stadiums are now gone and the Mall in it's place.
Well we will try again tomorrow! Good night all.